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How To Build A Short Term Rental Business

Is It Really Necessary To Buy Or Rent An Apartment Or House To Be Able To Start A Short Term Rental Business?

Most hosts on the typical well-known booking platforms do not own the apartment, house or place they are offering to guest from all around the world, but they negotiated a decent good contract with the landlord, so that they are legally allowed to do it.

And that’s a good thing, because most people don't need to

  • ask any person or institution for funds
  • make any down payments

And the best part: No need to deal with repairs.

So it’s not a complicated business.

If a person rented an apartment or house before, this person probably already knows how half of this works.

Look, it’s always been my dream to own my own properties, so I can get into that business.

But for some reason, no institution wanted to give me any resources to get my foot in.

I struggled and struggled - until I found the key to that magic door, which opened up the way to success for me.

And that key was pitching the landlords the idea and getting them to put all legal terms I needed into the contract.

Which is exactly what I’m going to show everybody who is ready to join me on my journey in my new video training, which anyone can watch here. Just follow me to this page and register for the next event.

After I saw, that my plan worked, the next question I asked my self was:

„How can I repeat this process again and again?“

And too far into the future I did exactly that.

Again and again.

And most of my readers and followers know, where I am standing today.

So, anyone who wants to do this got to watch my new video training on and can do this by clicking here.

I find it very interesting, that the biggest question I get right now is:

"Does it work in this climate that we’re in right now? The travel and everything that is happening…?“

Yes, it does.

Statistics show, that the demand has actually gone up, not down.

Have Realistic Expectations About Time Commitment

Someone doesn’t just list their unit, and then one's straight on the path of success.  It takes time to chat with potential guests who ask questions before they’re willing to book the place.  It takes time and effort to earn great reviews.  It takes time to check guests in and check guests out.

Starting out and doing everything on their own, beginner hosts are often surprised by the amount of time and effort needed to consistently deliver an experience for their guests.

But as they get into the right vibe, become more efficient, and utilize tools for automation, hosts learn ways to save time and energy without lowering their quality of service.

To run a long and successful listing, one definitely need's some time and commitment to put into the process. Even when someone has everything down path, they are still going to need to spend a considerable amount of time handling any bookings and making sure everything is ready to go for the guests. If someone lacks this kind of time and flexibility, this person may want to think again about being a host.

How To Find The Perfect Prize Before The Creation Of Any Listing

Would someone quit his or her current job before knowing the exact salary of their new one? Of course not.

But that’s exactly what most people, who are new at this, do. They jump right into hosting on all of the well-known platforms before knowing the size of their prize.

Even though if some brands have grown by leaps and bounds, there are still markets that just don’t and won’t have enough demand to support hosting.  Wouldn’t someone wants to know if they’re in one of these niches?

On the flip side, one should also find out whether this is a super hot Bnb market.  Otherwise, someone might be happy with making only a way smaller amount a month when it would be possible to make a lot more than that.

So what's the best way to find the perfect price?  Get a market report from a trusted data provider.  I recommend Airdna–they have extensive data for all major Bnb markets and can give a realistic expectation for how much one can probably make hosting on Bnb in that market with this listing.

The Most Self-Evident Things

These things are pretty self-evident. If somebody doesn't get these seven things right, this person's business is not likely to perform too well. By taking the time to perfect these essentials, this can make the difference between being successful and not being so successful.

  • 1 - The Listing Itself. It's always a little surprising when a host writes a small blurb and only includes a few pics. If the listing is terrific, take the extra 30 minutes to give potential guests proper information. They are comparing this listing to hundreds of other listings. Nobody wants them to not consider the host because that listing is missing important information. Get it right...that's the easy part!
    Don't know what to write? Describe everything from this article as a starting point and then contact me so we can get it just right!
  • The images. Pictures and images are the best portrayal of what a guest is getting excited about. This is also really simple. Getting a local photo professional to take good shots with the right lighting. posting enough photos so a guest won't ask questions (what the shower looks like, if there is a washing machine, etc.). At the same time, don't distract them with the smallest details. Show that the place is highly desirable, tidy and well-equipped. Do it properly and professionally and it'll already have a head start on many offers.
  • A crave-able location to live in. What are guests looking for in an Airbnb? Why should they pick this instead of any other accommodation? 
  • The location. The majority of tourists want to live as close to the sights as possible. Ideally, the apartment will be in the city center or in an equally attractive location. But do not despair if it's not. People are willing to sacrifice location if there is a viable substitute. Is the apartment cheaper than better located places?

    Is the apartment in a quieter part of town? Can they get more living space? Is it close to something else that is appealing? Remember that most guests are not very familiar with the city. They are afraid of the unknown. Soothe that fear. Give the guests assistance when it comes to location. This should be an important aspect of the offering so guests know what to expect. When they arrive, someone needs to help them know where everything is located. Where are the public transportation options? Where is the nearest supermarket? How is it possible to get to important places? These things help immensely.
  • Excellent ratings. Everything wildly successful people do should be geared towards getting 5-star reviews. A 1 star deduction is a big deal on most platforms. Many guests would never consider staying at a place with less than perfect reviews. And if the business's ratings slip below a 4.5-star average, the business is in trouble.
  • Honestly, one should start by vetting their guests. Are they making unreasonable demands to begin with, or do their reviews show warning signs of trouble? Turn them away if necessary. Then, when they check in, never ask these guests what one can do to get a 5-star rating. This is especially important for first-time guests, as it will help to build the listing's reputation.

    Having good reviews will help the business flourish. Anything less than 4.5 will doom the business to failure. Reviews will determine whether the business wins or lose in the Bnb game.
  • Trust in the responsiveness of the host. The biggest difference between Short Term Rentals and hotels (for a guest) is that if they have a problem in this please, they have a person who can fix it. In a hotel, they can call the front desk to fix any inconvenience. In the worst case scenario, they will move to another room.

    A guest wants to know that someone is available 24/7. This may sound unreasonable, but the average guest will not call then host on it. But accidents do happen. They might lose their key, get sick, or have a plumbing problem.

    Give them confidence that they will get the questions answered ASAP. They should have the phone number of  a responsible person nearby the place and have the confidence to make contact. This 1:1 relationship is the main reason why bad reviews occur. And guests will overlook shortcomings in the accommodation if one es too friendly and reliable.
  • Sense of safety & security. There are many components of safety. The first is obvious. One may know that this place's neighbourhood is safe from all the bad stuff However, the guest has no idea. It may seem silly to point this out, but it is important nonetheless.
    Second, the guest wants to feel safe from anything else that could go wrong. Does the place have a working fire alarm? Are there health hazards (lead paint, asbestos)? Are there problems with insects or other pests? Seriously, guests think about these things. It's the fear of the unknown. Don’t dismiss any concerns or issues they have. The best thing that can happen is their trip is uneventful.

  • Pricing. Pricing really needs to get done right. Remember that every guest will be on the booking page's search site looking at this place's listing versus competitors. If it fails in competitive pricing, it might never get guests.

But there is so much more to learn...

...which is why, I have decided to create a 3 hour-long in-depth video training on and about everything both average and advanced and even everyone who's just starting out, needs to learn, so they can build their own Short Term Renal business with the same confidence that I did.

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  • 3
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